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Meet our board members!

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Meet Our Board

Who are we? 
Our board members are recognized experts in the professional community, and in coming together at Talent Masters, they aim to build a better professional support network and share their expertise through TM's training and certification programs. 


Darla Shaw

CEO/Co-Founder & Chair

Darla co-founded Talent Masters with Lucy Rivers, and serves as CEO/Co-Founder and Chair of the Board.   She is responsible for overall strategic vision, business development and membership management of the association. 

Prior to founding TM, Darla had accumulated 20+ years in HR and built an impressive track record of Executive Leadership and HR Management across numerous corporations, businesses and start-ups, often acting as a Business Partner as well as a Senior HR Executive or VP.

Darla also holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA), a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Science specializing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and is currently pursing a PhD in Organizational Psychology. 


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